Made to Measure Voile & Sheer Fabrics

  • In-house making in Northampton
  • Made to measure curtains dispatched within 7 working days
  • Cut length fabric dispatched within 2 working days
  • Choice of 9 headings
    • A. 5cm (2") translucent pleat tape with 2 hook positions for net rod/wire or curtain rack/poles with rings
    • B. 7.5cm (3") translucent pencil pleat tape with 3 hook positions for curtain track/poles
    • C. 7.5cm (3") translucent wave tape for use with a wave track
    • D. Ring top heading
    • E. 5cm (2") channel top for use with net rod/wire
    • G. Single pinch pleat
    • H. Double pinch pleat
    • J. Triple pinch pleat
    • K. Box pleat
  • Lead weighted bottom hem
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hanger stand
hanger stand
  • A choice of 90 railroaded (room high) fabrics
  • No joins in the curtain width
  • Jacquards, embroidery, textured weaves, fil coupé designs in UK furnishing colours
  • Easy care and natural fibres - Cotton, Linen
  • High fabric stock levels held in Northampton
  • Ideal for all windows and especially:
    • Patio doors (effective flyscreen)
    • Large bay windows
    • Dress curtains to soften the edges of blinds
    • Screening without cutting off the conservatory from the rest of the house
    • Any window where privacy AND light is required
  • Simple pricing and ordering process
  • Hanger stands free on loan with the whole collection. 45 x 45 x 135cm