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Inherently flame retardant fabrics for:

    • The structure of the polymer has been altered to be permanently non-flammable
    • The technical demands of the project have been met, certified compliant with BS 5867 Pt. 2 Type C/IMO FTP Code 2010 Pt. 7 and can therefore be washed any number of times at very high temperatures and the IFR sheer fabrics will remain as effective as they were on day 1
    • The IFR Properties of our fabrics never become worn or get washed out


Pavilion IFR sheer fabrics are for use in branded hotels, boutique hotels and guest houses.

We maintain high stock levels of our popular IFR sheer fabrics and offer bespoke weaving/dying for larger projects subject to leadtime and minimum quantities.


Local Authorities, Housing Associations, MOD Properties, high end residential market and the Private Rental Sector can use Pavilion Inherently FR sheer fabric with confidence.

Landlords can be reassured their IFR sheers conform to BS 5867 Pt. 2 Type C and that confidence cannot be washed out by their tenants.


Many colours of Pavilion Inherently FR sheers are available especially for use in restaurants, casinos, bars, clubs, retail and other public spaces.

Select a colour to enhance the mood of your establishment and to help create the right ambiance for your customers.


Schools and Colleges can use Pavilion Inherently FR sheers in their faculty buildings and in their student accommodation.

Some of the denser sheers are favoured for ground floor rooms as a greater measure of privacy is provided while plenty of light is let in.

Healthcare Sector

Pavilion Inherently FR sheers conform to the technical demands of the NHS and other care providers.

Our high specification IFR sheers can be washed any number of times at high temperatures whilst maintaining the full protection of BS 5867 Pt. 2 Type C.

Maritime Sector

Pavilion inherently FR Sheers are certified compliant for ocean-going vessels and craft requiring IMO FTP Code 2010 Pt. 7 certification.

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Bedroom contract fabrics
restaurant contract fabrics