Each design hanger displays two price columns per metre width of curtain; one price column for any length down to a half drop and another for any length longer than a half drop, down to the maximum drop stated.

Make Up

Curtains are made without any joins, the sides are hemmed and the bottom hem is lead weighted (14 gms). There is no upstand above the tape or channel. Refer to the optional headings hanger when calculating your customer’s required drop.

The design appears on the curtain as it does on the design hanger.

The design is centred on each curtain and only curtains ordered at the same time will be pattern matched.

Curtain hooks are included with the tape top curtains at a rate of 8 hooks per metre of curtain width.

Each pinch pleat has a height adjustable curtain hook sewn in for use with curtain track and poles with rings. How the adjustable hooks work can be seen on the reverse of the triple pleat sample on your heading options hanger.

A: 5cm (2’’) pleat tape has two hook positions for net rod/wire or curtain track/pole with rings.
B: 7.5cm (3’’) pencil pleat tape with three hook positions for curtain track/poles. Heading B is recommended for longer length curtains.
C: 7.5cm (3’’) translucent wave tape for use with a wave track.
D: Ring top heading (6 rings per metre) with an internal diametre of 4cm (1.5’’) for use with curtain poles.
E: 5cm (2’’) channel top for use with net wire. There is no upstand above the channel.
G: Single pinch pleat with 10 pleats per metre of curtain width.
H: Double pinch pleat with 7 pleats per metre of curtain width.
J: Triple pinch pleat with 7 pleats per metre of curtain width.
K: Box pleat with 8 pleats per metre of curtain width.


The size tolerance is +/- 1cm.

For headings A & B pleat tapes to look their best, the curtain width should be a minimum of twice the width of the curtain track/pole. The length of the curtain will be deemed to be from the very top to the bottom edge.

When ordering heading D ring top the width should be a minimum of twice fullness and the length measurement on the order is deemed to be from the top, inside of the ring to the bottom of the curtain.

The width of heading E channel top curtains should be a minimum of twice fullness and the standard make up is without an upstand above the channel. If an upstand (maximum 2.5cm) is specified, the length of the curtain will be deemed to be from the top of the channel to the very bottom of the curtain, irrespective of the height of upstand.

Wave tape headed curtains should be either 2.1 or 2.3 fullness depending on the track used and the depth of wave required. Phone us if you need help with this or go to the ‘length measuring guide’ at Enter either ‘Hand drawn’ or ‘electric wave track’ in the customer special instructions box on your order pad. This is important as it affects the positioning of the wave tape.

Pinch pleat headed curtains are ready pleated to fit the curtain track/pole. The width is fixed and cannot be altered in situ. Any returns should be added to the relevant curtain width and the overlap if required. In the case of an overlap, curtains within a pair should be identified as left or right WHEN LOOKING AT THE WINDOW from inside the room.

A Spring/Bounce Back allowance should be added to the required curtain width when ordering as follows.

Curtain Width
(each curtain)
Add for the Spring/Bounce Back
Wider than 320cm+ 4% of the track/pole measurement to be covered

The length of the curtain will be deemed to be from the very top of the curtain to the bottom edge. The height adjustable hooks can be adjusted in increments of 4mm in situ. Refer to the pleated sample hanger when calculating your customers’ required drop.


Measurements should allow for pattern matching if required. Very slight colour variation can occur between fabric batches. Lengths of full rolls are approximate and may vary.


Orders can only be accepted on Pavilion Made to Measure Order Forms. One separate order form should be used for each customer. Every completed order form must be signed by the retailer. The retailer keeps the top (white) copy for faxing/emailing to Pavilion. Pavilion’s contact details are on top of the white copy. The customer keeps the bottom (yellow) copy that does not have Pavilion’s contact details shown.

When a pleated curtain is ordered, please enter the required heading in the ‘Customer Special Instructions’ box along with any other special considerations, in the following format: Heading H: Double pinch pleat

Further order pads are available on request.


Cut length fabric will be despatched within 2 working days and made to measure curtains within 7 working days providing that fabric stock allows this. Any delay will be notified with a revised delivery date. Please allow for an extended delivery time during peak season. Despatches are made by next weekday service.

Despatches cannot be made direct to the consumers’ DOMESTIC address.

Carriage terms: A delivery charge of £9 plus VAT will be made on orders under £250 (excluding VAT).

Deliveries overseas (including offshore islands) and remote areas will be charged at cost.


Fabric should be examined before cutting, make up or further processing. Returns cannot be accepted for credit if fabric or curtains have been cut or tampered with. This excludes the gathering of heading tape on curtains. It is also accepted that packaging may be missing or disarranged. In all cases please advise customer services on phone 01604 741111 or before returning fabric or curtains so that suitable return arrangements can be agreed.


Shortage/damage during transit should be reported within 48 hours of receipt. Non-receipt must be advised within 14 days of the invoice date.